Gibe DEL-GHINGARO, a self taught visual artist was born in Libreville in Gabon on 28th April 1960. Studying didn't interest him and he spent his childhood and adolesecence drawing and dreaming, listening to the marvellous stories of his grandmother’s travels. The images of the countryside of Brazil, the Amazon and Africa inspired him to follow her example and travel. He took numerous long trips, which later were a great source of inspiration.

It was during his own travels that he met the adventurers of another age and a multitude of characters all as atypical as the hunters of swallow nests. Sharing their daily life in the jungle, he participated in mysterious tribal ceremonies and the shaman Mister LO initiated him in the secrets and signs of nature. In love with all practices of primitive art he discovered during these years his work appears in a very original form which recreates poetry in his eyes.

Gibe DEL-GHINGARO is naturally transported into a universe of magical arts, of contempory painting, figurative and abstract, a dialogue is formed between his internal senses and the most unexpected materials , all that he collected by chance during his trips: sand, straw, rope, feathers, flowers, soaked wood, bark, paper, skins and other plants, all salvaged by the passage of time. Archeologist of the consumer society, the artist disposes of these elements like notes on a score, the discovery and the poetry of the canvas invites us to meditate. At the meeting of classical and symbolic, the meandering and the paths are revealed.The light which emanates from the painting is resolutely modern, with its density of dominating colours, mediterranean or exotic. It forms bridges between art and life
                                                                  Dominique Cier.
artist's studio
Exhibition in Monaco
Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stéphane VALERI, President of the National Council
African pregnant women

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