The materials that I recuperate and in wich I use their riches in order to transcribe my dreams, offered to me like presents, discovered during my travels and my quest for adventure. Fundamental to the evolution of my work and the emergence of my creativity, they feed into and drive my cultural experience of the world.

They are as diverse as wood, rusted iron, animal feathers, of the canvas of toile or plasticized... on these supports of paint to the oil applied on the glue vinyl, create the base of colours where symbolic subjects appear from the reality. These representations refer to the essential nature and animal world and expressed in a sculptural way, imaginary, animist and mystic.

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Du 04 décembre 2009 au 06 décembre 2009, De 10h à 20h. Mercure Cité Mondiale de Bordeaux. 18 Parvis des Chartrons. Quai des Chartrons